Monday, March 24, 2008


What I like about life is that it can change in a moment. The fact that a mere moment can change the course you were traveling is delightful and intriguing to me. It can happen anywhere, at anytime, and by any means. I find It usually happens when you are searching or longing for answers. Whether you are actively pursuing or unknowingly seeking, makes no difference. When the answers come you realize you now feel a bit more complete. Have a plan. Feel an excitement for what tomorrow holds. In one small, almost unnoticeable, space of time your thinking has changed. I say thinking as opposed to life because one's thinking must first alter it's direction in order for one's life to have new meaning.

I watched a movie last night that provided such a moment. Although humble (It's rated G for goodness sake) and unassuming it has created, what I hope to be, a lasting effect on me. The movie is Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. I encourage everyone to watch it. You, of course will take away from it what you will, but for now I will share my thoughts.

I have been striving to find new ways to reach my potential as a mother. During the movie my answer was placed before my eyes in a moment that undoubtedly came from a loving Father above. All that needs doing is a little more magic. This my seem logical and obvious to you, but I feel as if I've been told a great secret.

Who says parents must be practical, agenda following, Emily Post aficionados ever trying to get their children to become the same? Children will grown up and soon figure that out on their own. For now I must show them the magic and silliness in everyday little things. I believe the more magic I can create for my little ones, (you know--the kind that makes their eyes sparkle and you can actually SEE their imaginations working!) in our everyday world the more I will help them see that their potential is endless and unlimited.

The more magic I share the more I can help them see their true worth. The more I can see the world through their eyes the better I can teach them of the Gospel in ways that will be meaningful to them. The more I can delight in and experience the little wonders of this Earth with them the more they will feel safe showing me who they really are. Can you imagine the greatness I will find?!

A question answered and wisdom give in one. small. moment. For that I am grateful.

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Skye O. said...

Emilie, you are a GREAT mom. I know what you feel though. I lay down in bed and think, "what happened to today and being with my boys." There are SO many distractions, but sometimes they have to get done. I love reading your blog and already feel inspired from your 'magical moment.' Today is a new day...right? thanks em