Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lessons on life

Karaia was a bit, OK more than a bit, whiny at the dinner table last night. I placed her PLAIN french toast in front of her only to be bombarded with the nail-on-the-chalk-board voice about how she didn't want syrup on it.

I told her that was just fine, she didn't have to have syrup on her toast, but she needn't whine it to me. Just telling me what she wanted was a much better choice. She must have shut off the listening portion of her brain because she continued to whine about how much she really, really did not want something so horrid as sugar flavored water to contaminate her meal.

Finally, Kevin had enough and explained, "We've already told you that you don't need to have syrup on your toast. If you whine one more time about it I am just going to take it away and you won't get any dinner at all." (Yes, I know. Not the best of all behavior altering techniques but we openly admit we are not perfect parents so please refrain from sending us hate mail or placing dry ice bombs in our mail box. We are a work in progress.)

Beckham however, who is not above giving Kevin, or anyone, a few pointers about life and parenting in general, informed him, "But Dad, she could die!"

Kev had to turn away suddenly to "look" at the backyard before he could tell Beckham, with a straight face, that nobody ever died from missing one meal.


Amy said...

Em...we must be terrible parents together...seriously the not getting dinner (or lunch or breakfast) is about the only thing that has TONS of value to my kids. I usually only have to threaten it once and they shape up (they know that I will carry it out). Julianna on the other hand has decided that Sunday lunch after church isn't very important. If she isn't good in primary (which she usually isn't), she doesn't get lunch when we get home...for someone who values food as much as my boys, you would think that she would learn!!?!! Beckham's comment would have sent me over the edge in laughter...I can't believe you guys were able to keep a straight face!!!

Denise said...

Your email smeared on Tanna's note and she wanted me to send it to her. I only have emdugal@hotmail.com, so would you email both of us with the right one?

Dave said...

Ok, that's just plain funny. First because of Beckham's impeccable timing and secondly because of the matter-of-fact way he explains the dilemma.

And how dare either of you two offer your children sugar flavored water. I'm appalled!