Monday, July 1, 2013


We started swimming lessons today. Each child has a private half hour lesson because that way I find that they actually learn how to swim.

Case in point Tennyson jumped off the diving board today and swam over to edge,all by himself. It does my mom heart good to know that he will be safe in the water.

Sanders has quite a ways to go but he thinks he can swim...which is kind of dangerous.I'm grateful that his teacher is helping him learn to be safe.

I wasn't able to watch Karaia and Beckham because Tennyson had piano lessons at the same time. But I hear they did great.

Tennyson and Sanders actually had two sessions of swim lessons today. One this morning and one in the afternoon. Because of the 4th of July holiday they won't get a full week so we're craming a full week into a few days.

I'm really exhausted.

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blue10 said...

I really loved swimming lessons when my children were small. We used to go to the local baths and enjoy splashing in the shallows, eventually learning to swim, along with other mums. Now both are proficient swimmers and love this activity.