Friday, July 26, 2013

No jobs = no fun and something smells fishy

Today we had plans to meet with my cousins and their kids at a splash pad and have a picnic. I excitedly told the kids this and reminded them that we had to have jobs completed before we could go.

Beckham had a nana night scheduled and wouldn't be joining us, but I told him the same rule applied to him. No jobs = no fun.

It was so surprising to me that we still had the same battles over jobs we have every day. EVEN with the added incentive of something extra fun at the end.

We were an hour late to our play date.

I'm glad we went. They had a wonderful time.

We came home and just hung out reading and playing the Wii for awhile.

Then one of the school board members, Larry Smith, called me and talked for 45 mins about reasons behind the board's decision, well the maintenance manager's decision, to take out all the permanent goal posts at the schools...except for the ones on the soccer fields that the soccer club, Forza, doesn't use...because they claim they were safety hazards...except for on those fields Forza doesn't use. Apparently, those goals they are willing to take a risk with. OH and the board also claims they don't care about the soccer clubs. They only care about the kid's safety during school hours. Except, what about those permanent posts they've left remaining?

Right. I smell something fishy too.

I've sent a number of emails and keep chipping. They keep trying to cover something up. Thankfully, I don't get intimidated easily. They have sure tried.  Still, being lied to is exhausting.

 I'm grateful for Larry. He thinks they are hiding things as much as I do. It's nice to have an ally on the inside.

Kevin took Karaia to a baseball game. She had a great time and got a few signatures.

Tennyson and Sanders and I watched the movie "Elosie". Tennyson's pick. They were both so tired though that by the end they were wiggling everywhere just to stay awake.

It was really fun to just be me and the littles tonight. It reminded me of when it was just me and Karaia and Beckham at those ages.

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