Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Boy's scripture bag

As you know I've made a few scripture bags for girls. Or maybe you don't since my blogging has been so sporadic this year. In any case, I have. I was looking forward to working with a different pattern in anticipation for Beckham's big day. As it turns out our cousin is an amazing seamstress and had a pattern that was perfect for Beckham's request for his bag. She sent the pattern right over.

The cool thing is she trusted me with half of a pattern. It wasn't quite finished, but she felt I just might have the skills to do it anyway. I would say that was mostly true. Except for the part where I misread a whole step and didn't add the lining at the top *blush* Oh well. As I told Skye, the white (that was supposed to also include the striped lining fabric as well) is a special one of a kind feature of Beckham's bag. An extra pop of color if you will.

Inside out view

Inside out view. There should be brown and blue striped fabric on top of the white duck cloth. It's cool. It's a new feature ;) The suit fabric is an inside pocket.

Right side out, looking in
The truth is, when it's right side out, no one even notices.

I constructed the bag from suiting material. It felt masculine and timeless to me. I wanted something that was cool now, but would still be fitting as he grew older.

I added the grommets because metal is the perfect accessory for anything you give a boy.

 It's akin to something sparkly for a girl.

I also added one additional pocket more than the pattern called for. The big front pocket the grommets are on. Beckham is a pocket kind of a boy :)

Here is the exterior pocket the pattern calls for

Karaia helped me choose the mustard yellow zipper and thread.

LOVE the zipper pull tabs!

 We really went back and forth between what color to chose. I'm glad she was there to help!

I am thrilled with how it turned out. Nice and sturdy, great lines to look at, fun features like the zipper tabs, and fun to sew. Good times.


Tobi said...

Today the kids learned the parable of the talents in primary. I think you are the five talent kind of person...doubling your talents and then getting an extra talent from the lame guy that didn't do anything with his. A.MAZ.ING!

April Weeks said...


Mary said...

It turned out great! I think you chose just the right spot to leave the lining out. :)

Amy C said...

This looks great! I love those big grommets you put on it. :)

Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

Very well done Emilie! I love how it turned out, very masculine!

Ellis said...

With all that is going on in live I am ALWAYS so impressed and amazed that you find the time/patience to do extra special talented stuff like this. It turned out perfect! The entire baptism day was wonderful great job!!!

Emily Goodwin said...

I love this bag. Are you able to share the pattern?

Emilie said...

Thanks, Emily! It has been a great bag. Sturdy, well designed, and all around just perfect.

She recently listed her pattern on her etsy shop here

Enjoy :)

Rogers said...

Can you explain how you did the additional pocket? Or was that too long ago? If you respond, can you e-mail me at jacyrogers@hotmail{dot}com. Thank you.

Betty Pettibone said...

I went to where the pattern was to be located but it is not available. I would love to make this please help.