Saturday, October 13, 2012

Beckham gets baptized

Today Beckham chose to be baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He really made that choice almost two years ago when he watched his sister get baptized. Since then, he has commented at least once a month, and recently, every Sunday, that he cannot WAIT until he gets baptized.

It was extra special today because two of Beckham's best buddies in the whole world, Bradley Russon and Austin Dunn, happen to be in our ward. They were all born within 30 days of each other. They were all eligible and chose to be baptized today.

I expect great things will come from this group of  boys. How can it not when an already great friendship has been added upon with an incredible spiritual bonding?

I've mentioned before that Beckham is my most outwardly spiritual child. When I asked him tonight was his favorite part of the whole day was he said, "Coming out of the water. Because then I knew I would get confirmed, receive the Holy Ghost and I was totally clean." 8 going on 18 right there.

Because there were three boys, we took turns with the baptisms and the confirmations. Beckham was second for both. After watching Bradley be confirmed, he walked up to sit in his seat. He was already teary eyed as is his nature when he is feeling the spirit. I was so, so proud of those boys today.

I had a real life break down yesterday because I stressed myself out getting everything ready. But after a good lean-on-the-wall kind of  cry I felt much better. Seriously. I was a mess. It was embarrassing. I was a complete wackadoodle.

Thank you Mom and Annie for helping me getting everything perfect and talking me down off the ledge :)

The other neat thing was all of Beckham's grandparents went in on getting him his first set of nice scriptures. They each wrote their testimonies in the covers. So much love for this darling boy.

This is the scripture bag I made Beckham using Skye O's pattern. It is such a great pattern. Thank you Skye for letting me test run it for you!

I don't want to take away from the specialness of the day so I will leave more pictures of the scripture bag tomorrow.

I think he likes it though!

Beckham, I think you made a great choice today. I have found so much joy from my choice to become a member of this church. There will be times when your faith is so strong and times when it seems to you that you have no faith at all. I have proven in my life that if I remember to keep the promises I made to Heavenly Father the day I got baptized He keeps up his end of the bargain too. Never be afraid to question for yourself and to seek your own personal revelation in what is truth. I'm proud of you! I hope your choice brings you joy!

This is one of those Parental Payoff days for sure!


Nancy said...

Beautiful pictures! Congratulations to your son and you in raising such a nice boy!

April Weeks said...

Everyone gets to be "wackadoodle" at least 599 times in their life. I think you can be dang proud of yourself. I know I am proud of you.

Lawson Family said...

I'm so glad we were able to be apart of that great day!

Seriously. you're too hard on yourself. :0) Plus, it's kind of fun to be a wakadoodle ones in a while.

Tobi said...

Such a beautiful post...your testimony and Beckham's budding testimony. Love you!