Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I can

I read a lot of blogs. I mean a LOT. I am all subscribed with my nice little Google Reader that tells me who has put up a new posts and how many of them. That way I can read them all from one spot and they will keep until I have a free moment to get to them.

I also love Pinterest . The two seem to go hand in hand really. Because of Pinterset, today I found my new favorite blog. I personally choose to believe that the timing is anything but coincidental. I found 71 Toes because of her Daughter of God Week post for Young Women's. As I began to look around her blog I realized she is the daughter of two authors who have written books that have been on my radar to read for quite some time now (thank you Annie!).  In particular, I didn't plan to be a witch and Other Surprises of Joyful Mother by Linda Eyre and....really after the last post the perfect placement of this into the forefront of my mind yet again is just too much to ignore.....The Entitlement Trap: How to Rescue Your Child with a New Family System of Choosing, Earning, and Ownership by Richard and Linda Eyre. 

Do you have goosebumps? Because I do! 

I searched my local libraries, but none of them have copies available for some time. So I bought them. 

Then I continued to read posts from 71 Toes and have decided that she needs to be one of my new friends. So much light and joy and real life coming from that one. Admitting she loses her temper at times but trying so hard to focus on the end goal. There is nothing more I love than to admire someone who is imperfect, knows it, but believes they can do more. 

I'm grateful to my Father in Heaven for sending the help he has sent. It's seems to be just the hug and pep talk I need to be the Mom I dream of being and helping my children become the people they were sent to be. 

Thank you to those who commented on the last post. It's always nice to know you have a cheering section when you momentarily forget how to cheer.


Mary said...

Look at you posting two days in a row! There you go. Improving already! ;)

Skye L. said...

I've read the Entitlement trap, it is a great book. The Power of Mom's website that is done by the same family also has some other great ideas/programs. I'll have to check out her blog though. Thanks for sharing all your thoughts. I love reading your blog.

Emily Harestad said...

I love Shawni's blog and how down to earth they are. It is a frequent read for me too.