Thursday, July 12, 2012

Little effort Big reward

We found a great treasure this summer. Justine! She is our swimming teacher. She is one of the instructors at the Rec Center, but does private swimming lessons on the side. She is wonderful!

Each kid has their own 30 min. lesson every day for a week. This week Tennyson and Sanders have lessons and in 2 weeks Karaia and Beckham will have their turn.

At the beginning of the week Tennyson was eager but didn't have a lot of skill. By the end of the lesson on Tues. he could do a front stroke and stay a float for a few feet!!! I was blown away and he was so proud. Today he mastered floating on his back for pretty much forever. Wahoo!!

Sanders can float on his back all on his own, but he refuses to believe it and keeps insisting he will sink. She's barely holding him up. It's a mental thing. Still, he will put his face in the water, hold onto the kick board and float on his back, and is a lot less nervous about the whole affair. It's a beautiful thing!


Brianna said...

We had big results on swim this year too, and yes it is VERY rewarding!

Kris said...

Oh my Em!! I miss you so much and you and your family look so great!!! love you so much!!