Friday, July 27, 2012

Break in the clouds

Good things have been happening around here! I'm taking charge of my health, yet again, and while it's not smooth sailing we are at least sailing in a positive direction.

But the biggest accomplishments have come from my Beckham. He's like a different kid. I was worried that the 3 weeks without friends and screen time would cause a further downward spiral, but Kevin and I felt it had reach a level that needed big consequence. Boy, am I glad we stuck with it!

Beckham has been responsible, kind, respectful, helpful, and overall just pleasant to be around. His siblings have noticed it too and the four of them have played with each other, and only each for days, all day long with hardly any grievences.

It's been like our own personal Heaven.

I am just so, so proud of him and how much effort he has put into making this change. He reminds us that he doesn't get screen time if we forget and suggest that for an activity. He still does not love every job that is required about him, but he voices his dislike in a respectful manner. Such an amazing transformation!

The other good news is Beckham is now pool safe. Meaning he can swim in the deep end safely without a life jacket. It's SUCH a great thing to have the two older kids safe around water.

Wahoo! Our little family is moving into a really fun time of life. So very exciting!!


Mary said...

That's wonderful!

April Weeks said...

That is wonderful! Amazing how a change in one person can make a difference for many.

Brianna said...

Yay for progress!!

Tobi said...

So awesome! Congrats on some well deserved happiness!