Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I'm feeling very under accomplished today.  It's spring break for the kiddos and we've just been hanging out. Not that that's bad, I  mean we are going to Colorado AND Disney this month so we really have to be wise with our money. Still, I can't help but thinking that I'm not going to have these weeks forever and I should be making more memories.

Or doing more or being more.

I don't know. I just need to be....more....for them.

Which probably starts, as it always seems to start, with getting my home organized.


Because then I won't be wasting time avoiding getting the stuff I need to get done by doing lame things and I will spend it being a fun, good mom.

Doesn't make sense to you? Me either when I type it, but you should hear how it sounds in my brain. Golden. :)


Nancy said...

Makes sense to me! My husband and I finally made lists of "things to do when we're just hanging around with nothing to do". Stuff you look at during the week and say "oh I need to do X or Y" and then you forget about it when you actually have down time.

Ellis said...

FYI several people have asked "So what are you doing this week with your kids while they are home for spring break?" An innocent question but it does make you feel obligated to have some wonderful answer in a way...well I don't have any HUGE plans is that ok? YES. Our plan is to just enjoy the time off by having fun working and having fun playing (yes they both CAN be fun!). I asked the kids to all give me a suggestion of something that would be good for us to WORK on and also something FUN that we could do together. We have done some work and some play (even if it is just hanging out doing nothing in our pj's for the day and then quickly getting a job done in the last hour before Dad arrives home). You can't have fun in a mess and part of "spring break" is helping out at home getting things organized so life can be lived in a happy way for the days, weeks, and months to come. When things are cleaner/more organized I do feel more free to just enjoy the moment and be with my kids. Have a great week!

Skye L. said...

I always feel like if I organize my house and get rid of stuff I'll have more time to "do things" with my kids because the house is clean. Yet then I feel like all I am still doing is cleaning the house and getting rid of stuff. Not sure how that works. The toys reproduce like rabbits overnight?
I think enjoying the time you don't have to have a schedule by scheduling absolutely nothing is a great plan!