Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Paying money

Our poor Grandpa Jim crashed his "ride" and got himself a really nice boo-boo. Karaia, being the caring girl that she is told me,

"Mom, I am going to make Grandpa a card. And do you know the OTHER really, really, nice thing I am going to do?"

At this point she brings her hand from behind her back exposing $2 in quarters

"I'm going to pay him!"

"Oh, Honey, he doesn't want your money."

"Yes, he does."

"He won't take it."

"Yes, he will."

"He won't. He doesn't want you to give him money he wants to spend money on you."

"It's nice and he wants it."

Somehow I talked he out of it, but she still has the idea in her brain.

I found out tonight I have strep throat. Nice. I waited too long to go see the doctor and now have to take 2 pills in the morning and 2 and night and have been ordered to get lots of rest ( I tried to remind him I have an 11 week old and three other ankle bitters) and to stay home until Thursday. Once again, nice.

Karaia told Kevin she was going to make me a card and just so I could get better even faster she was going to put money in it.


Sarah said...

I'll be sure and let her know next time i'm sick. I'm pretty sure money in a card would make me get better faster :).

Brianna said...

Maybe she has just realized that she likes the b-day cards with money in them better. I mean lets face it... who doesn't?

Brianna said...

P.S.- You should have asked for the shot. I know it sounds crazy, but you'd feel better in half the time.

Danica said...

I didn't know. I hope you are feeling better soon! What a thoughtful little girl Karaia is. Have a good day and get some rest.

Miranda said...

She is so sweet! I hope your feeling better!