Monday, September 1, 2008

Faith of a child

As we were driving home from spending a great weekend with these fun people, we entered into a torrential down pour that was especially torrential in Weber Canyon. Despite all the wetness we passed a newly sparked forest fire fairly close to the road. A big ever green burst into flames just as we were passing.

The kids started asking many, many questions about why, how, and what. Suddenly Beckham declared, "Mom, I'm going to say a quick prayer."

We all folded our arm (well, not Kevin----he was driving)

"Dear Heavenly Father, please bless that there will be more rain.
Please bless the lightning won't make anymore fires.
Please bless the fireman that they will be able to get to the fire at night.
I think they need help.
Maybe some hoses or something.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen."

Right then my heart burst with love and pride for this little man of mine and the unwavering faith he has in his Father in Heaven's awareness of him.

Then he said that maybe Heaven Father had been taking a break when the fire started because He was tired from using his power all the time.

Even very spiritual individuals occasionally get super powers and omnipotent power confused.


Lawson Family said...

What a cute, uncomplicated prayer. I just love it!

April said...

these accounts are absolutely priceless. Thank you for doing this... all of you who blog... it is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

That is great!! He says the funniest stuff. Isn't he going to be celebrating a happy 4 here soon? Wow. What a kid. I'm glad you write these things down and share them with the rest of us.