Friday, October 31, 2008

It's how you look at it

You know those times in your life when you think,


Are you kidding me?!

What is the world is happening in the cosmos to create such havoc with my life?!

One more thing goes wrong and it's guaranteed that I will indeed have to be committed.

You know, those moments.

We are smack in the middle of one of those moments and I feel the need to change how I am looking at things. So if you will, I would feel privileged if you would accompany me on a tour of all the really, really good things I have going right now.

I am financially wise enough to know when things are getting close to bad and therefore can adjust our spending and saving accordingly before it gets really, really bad.

My children are amazing. I know, Dear Readers, that I don't write many Holy cow how did my kids get to be so good posts, but they really are and I am one pretty lucky Mama to get to hang out with them every day.

I am really lucky to have friends I can call looking for advice, on the verge of tears because it seems so hopeless and dark, and find myself unable to control those tears (dang pregnancy hormones)and they still love me and don't think less of me for having emotions much less for expressing them. I think they might even still claim that they know me in public. Thank you!.

That is such a rare quality these days. Everyone just expects everyone else to be pulled together 100% of the time. Well guess what, World. I have emotions. Why can't I show them? Who says you have to smile ALL the time? And even with a wide range of emotions I am still able to function in society and be productive.

I am a crier. That's what I do. If I'm happy, I cry. If I'm sad, I cry. If I'm frustrated, disappointed, overjoyed, spiritually moved, I cry. Does that make me weak. I don't think so. And if you do, well then I'm sorry for you. You might not want to be around me for the next 5 months. Because there is just no telling when the water works will come.

It's fall. And all the colors are out parading about. It's amazing so many colors can be hiding in one little leaf.

Kevin HAS a job. That he likes. That in of itself is a huge ++++++.

I am growing a new life. Right inside of this amazing body. Could I be any more lucky?

We own a home, two cars, a computer, T.V.s, and can still afford to by food. It may be Ramen (oh and Halloween candy), but we will not starve.

I have many friends. Friends I could show up at their door step and they would let me stay the whole day, with all my kids, just because. I hope they know I'd do the same for them.

My kids love school and delight in learning.

I have a working washer and dryer.

AND a working furnace.

We have food storage.

I have lots of fabric that I can just do all sorts of things with.

I have a sewing machine

I know how to use it.

I get to go to church every Sunday.

I can read the scriptures whenever I want.

The neighborhood is Chalk full of kids who are good influences on my kids.

I am 6 hours away, in any direction, from truly amazing natural wonders of this world.

The cable guy is here right now because our phone are being less then friendly but it's amazing to even have a phone.

I have lots, and lots, of extra/unused paint in my garage. So If I wanted I can repaint a room and it won't cost a thing. It might not be the color I was looking for, but it will be different then what I had before.

I've started becoming crafty and am excited at the direction that is leading me.

Wow! Look at that list. It makes the trials seem a little less monstrous because look at all the Lord had equipped me with to fight against them.

You hear that, Trials, I've got a whole arsenal of blessings that is ready to stomp all over your attempts to cause me to despair. I may be still fighting you, but I'm pretty sure I've already won.



AmyPoll said...

What a way to look at things!!! Let me know if I can do anything to help out.

Chrissy said...

Em- I love the positive attitude, it is not always easy to find a silver lining let alone a whole page of them. My dryer died on me the same day we paid $300 to fix our tv. Very frustrating. But we were given the very nice tv for free and $300 is a lot less than a new tv, and my very sweet sis-in-law has a dryer in storage that she is going to let us use. Things seem to have a way of working out. And any time you are interested, I also have a ridiculous amount of fabric, lace, ribbons, yarn, ect. in my stash. You are welcome to come raid it and the kids can play while we cry all over each other...

Teresa said...

You really are fabulous, you know that?

Lawson Family said... forget to mention a family that also supports you and loves you with all of your emotions too...;)

Emilie said...

Amy, thank you.

Chrissy, I really am getting into this whole crafty thing so you may just be getting a call soon.

Tereasa - muuuuuahhhh!!!!!

Annie - You are right! I should never have left of my family who has and continues to love and support me. Love you.

Danica said...

You crack me up. You really should go into writing. You have a way of putting things that is just perfect. Love you!

Danica said...

Oh yeah, you forgot to mention you have some pretty amazing sister in laws. You know you love us too.

Emilie said...

Danica - Family is family as far as I am concerned. I only use the "in-law" title to be Geneologically correct. Consider yourself all ready included in the heart felt Love You!

E Harestad said...

Emilie -

Can I tell you how wonderful you are!! This was so great to be able to read. You are one of the few "real" people that I know. If only more women in the world had your discerning of what is real and what is important. I needed to read this tonight. Love ya.