Friday, December 11, 2015

Beckham done with 5th grade

I have really been feeling like the very worst memory keeper of all. So this is an attempt to document at least this one thing, that I think Beckham will want to know later. 

Today, Beckham officially finished and passed all his requirements for 5th grade math in the Think Through Math program and will now start on 6th grade math. Go Beckham! He's worked really hard for this achievement and we are so happy for him that he accomplished it. 

Here's the email from his 5th teacher, Mrs. Eliason:  

"Beckham has finished the 5th Grade material on Think Through Math and will now be working on 6th Grade stuff.  Yay!  I am so proud of him!

He is such an amazing kid, I love having him in my class!

Laura Eliason"

Elementary school has been a challenge for him in that he can't always progress as quickly as he'd like. This is fine with Kevin and me because we realized that he only has these short years to be a kid. The majority of his life will be spent on being an adult and excelling as fast as possible. We've promised him that in Jr. High we will help him navigate any barriers he might encounter that impedes forward progress. But for now, we are happy it's mostly social learning for him (heaven knows that social learning is such an asset in real quality of life situations) with a few academic cherries he's been able to work for sprinkled in. 

I'm excited to see where he goes once the gates are open and he can run as fast and as far as possible. Love that kid. 

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