Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sanders, Sonja, and Glasses

Sanders has been friends with Sonja from nearly the second he was born. They are only two weeks apart. She being the older one.

Last year, whenever anyone asked Sanders or Sonja if they were going to get married, they both would basically say, "Duh! Obviously." Sonja even gave Sanders a darling framed picture of the two of them for his birthday...all her own idea. He keeps it on his night stand and makes sure it never tips over for very long.

This year, well, they are in first grade. First grade is different than kindergarten in a lot of ways. The biggest social way is that they are starting to care a little more about what everyone thinks. It's a shame really, to see their innocent personalities become contained into acceptable boxes. But it also provides for some humorous insight.

Sanders hasn't hung out with Sonja for awhile for a number of reasons. Curious Beckham asked him at breakfast the other day, "Sanders, do you still like Sonja?"

He stopped mid-bite, turn his head so he was fully facing Beckham, and stated in all seriousness, "If you want to keep your love a secret, you don't play with each other," and then continued with his cereal.

I can't wait to hear what comes out of that kid's mouth sometimes!

Sanders earned some plastic glasses for good behavior at school. He since getting them, he worn them all day at school and home for nearly two weeks straight. Sometimes he even sleeps in them! I asked if they were really comfortable to which he told me, "No, not really. They kind of hurt my ears." HAHAHAHA! What a great kid!

He has big plans to spray paint them black and be Harry Potter for Halloween.

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Ellis said...

I don't think anything could stop Sanders and Sonja from being friends! She too keeps her photo of them on her dresser right up front. Wish we had more time for playing these days!!