Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day to day

I have all the Disneyland photos loaded! It's going to take...years I'm guessing to write the post. Especially, since I'm finding it hard to remember the details I didn't want to forget.

Which brings me to today. Nothing special, per say happened, but I'm feeling the need more and more to document just so I don't forget.

I helped the youth in our ward paint scenery for a thing our stake is doing called Youth Tube. Each ward's youth, mutual age, is supposed to write, direct, film and edit a short movie. The leaders aren't supposed to do any of it. I just supplied the location and the paint, that I had in my garage, for the scenery. It took 3 hours, but I am really proud of them.

Tonight was the Young Women's Daddy Daughter date. They also invited the activity day age girls which meant Karaia got to come. She was in cloud nine! She asks every week if she can come to mutual with me.

The girls did a great job and Jo'elle gave some fabulous tips and reminds of how and why to have a good daddy/daughter relationship. At one point I looked over at Kevin and Karaia and they were sitting as close as possible, snuggling. It was heart warming.

I hope all our children know how much we love them and are so proud of them..


Nancy said...

Glad to see you again Emilie! I always enjoy reading your posts and look forward to a Disney story and some pictures. I usually keep a small journal on trips so I can remember what we did!
I had to make a list on my last post as an update because it's been so long for me!

Tobi said...

So good to hear your voice in print again!