Friday, November 5, 2010

Sanders 18 months and beyond

Sanders turned 18 months on Sept. 2.
playing drums with Tennyson

It could not have come sooner.

The kid HATES to sit still. Refer to earlier "Mr Busy pants" post.

Someone got caught eating pool chalk

We were very anxious to get him into nursery. I think the feeling was mutual on his part. For most of the month of August he would always lead us to the nursery to play with the toys.

At 18 months Sanders did not say very many verbal words. He was, however, excellent at gestures and could get his point across.

He is now 20 months and has greatly added to his vocabulary. He can now say:

Da (Dada)
Bebum (Beckham)
Yiya (Karaia)
ba (ball)
Tebe (T.V.)
yereo (cereal)
choo choo
kawr (car)
kuck (Truck)
dree (drink)
brrr (bear)
Eee (see)
All done
Ree Ree (his good friend Rhyse)
papple (apple)
puppin (pumpkin)
crakwr (cracker)
And a bunch of animal sounds.

From having only 3, that's right THREE, words at his 18 month check up to all of those in less than 2 months is such a blessing!!!

Because Sanders had to rely on gestures to communicate for most of his life he has gotten extremely clever at figuring out just how things works. He is also SUPER independent. Combine the two and you get yourself the nick-name of Mr. Busy Pants.

He plays very well by himself, but will come and find you and tell you to come, "Eee" when he wants you to play or see something that he's taught himself.

He is also my little su chef. He likes to push a stool over to the cutting board and sit and watch me fix whatever is on the menu.

He ADORES trains and with play with our train tracks for a good portion of the day.

He's attached himself to a blanket with frogs on it. Most often it has to wake up with him and sit beside him in order for his breakfast taste good.

Sander is always on the go, but he will stop anywhere, anytime if you offer to read him a book. Then he will lean his cute little head against your chest and tell you all about what you are reading to him.

Sanders is one of my most obedient children. He often only needs to be told one time not to do something.

He loves his siblings and feels as if he is as big as them. If they are doing it, then he feels he is entitled to do it too.

It looks as if he may be left handed. He still switches back and forth, but we've noticed that he favors his left hand more and more.

We love our little Sanders Buddy. He brings so much joy in our lives and we are grateful he is part of our family.


Lawson Family said...

That was a fun post! For us out-of-staters who don't see your kids that much, it's fun to get a little more glimps of their personality!

April Weeks said...

Yeah for Mr Busy Pants!