Saturday, November 6, 2010


Karaia was very upset when we found out Sanders was of the male persuasion. Of course she loves him dearly, but she had her heart set on having a little sister. I think she kept hoping that when he was born he would be a girl. When that didn't happen she was disappointed all over again.

So, when  my brother-in-law, Landon, and his girlfriend, Amy, announced they were getting  married June of 2009, I told her we would get her ears pierced for the wedding. Normally, I would have made her wait until she was 8, but I felt like she needed as much girlie things in her life that she could get. The problem was, I was wiped out from being so sick when Sanders was born that March. PLUS the reception was going to be in our backyard and I spent any extra energy I had trying to get it looking pretty.

Time ran out.

The ears did not get pierced.

Fast forward to this past June. I, once again, told Karaia we could get her ears pierced before school started. I'm not really sure what happened, but I do know that when she started school her ears were not pierced.


Mother of the year for sure.

She kept asking if, "this Saturday" she could get them pierced. But something always came up.

Then it was almost time to leave for Europe.

The day before we left, on Sept. 8, she asked if, "this Saturday" she could please get her ears pierced. I started to tell her Mom and Dad wouldn't be here this Saturday, but I stopped because I started mentally going through all of the up coming Saturdays and realized not a single one was free for a few months. The poor thing had waited long enough. So I told her to hang on and I quickly made a few calls.

Classy Chassis was able to get us right in!


After a good 15 mins of debate as to which studs to choose she settled on gold with a pink crystal in the middle. She was nervous, but was so brave. She got misty eyed, but never cried.


She has been so responsible with the care of her new bling. I have been very impressed.

We brought her back a pair of Eiffel Tower earrings and she literally counted down the days until she could take her studs out and wear them.

Karaia told me the other day, "Mom, now that I have my ears pierced maybe people will give me earrings as presents."

And thus a young girl's love of jewelry as a gift is born and a mother finally makes good on her year long promise.


Brianna said...

I love her "ear bling"... so grown up!

Lawson Family said...

Tell her she can count on us to help add to her supply! Brightynn wore some of my earrings to church by tapping them on to her ear! She is counting down until her 8th birthday!