Thursday, April 2, 2009

If only

Tennyson has been showing signs of wanting to be potty trained for awhile now. But I am a realist...sometimes.... But in this case, yes. There was NO way I was going to start that business before the baby came.

Seems like Mr. T has his own ideas. For the past three days whenever he pees or poops he will tell me as he's doing it and then run like a wild child to the bathroom, lift the seat up and try and sit down.

Yesterday, I guess he was practicing peeing because I had to change his diaper 2 times in 15 minutes because he peed and then HAD to strip down to sit on the toilet.

Today, it's been the #2 variety. But he has managed to actually save some to donate to the porcelain god. But only after shedding EVERY article of clothing his has on. We, of course, do the potty dance and there is much rejoicing.

I still am not going to force the issue. The kid is not even two yet and he can't pull down his own pants. Those are two requirements in this household....well, I guess I could fudge on the Being Two rule, but not the pulling down your own pants.

Plus, part of me is afraid to even dream of it being this easy. Can you imagine? It would be like Heaven on Earth.


It would.


Chrissy said...

If it is that easy please don't tell me about it. Evie is way over two and is being bi-polar about the whole potty training thing... and I am just not extreme enough to strip her down and clean my carpet for a week to potty train her.

jillian said...

Ahhhh! Cy is doing almost the same. he has to get on the potty after going in his diaper and insists on wiping (pretty funny, but makes sense, seeing only girls go in the toilet). He strips his bottom half and everything. He even did it last night! I am not ready to train him, not until he can hold it till he gets to the toilet at least. we are going through too many diapers!

Lawson Family said...

Not to mention a money saver!

Sarah said...

Mine is 3 and refuses to even sit on the potty. However, we have seen every Potty DVD imanginable and sing the songs repeatedly.

Brianna said...

I'm still trying to forget about potty training.

Marlee still makes us help her pull down her pants... it can be done without this skill mastered.

Danica said...

Yea for Tennyson. Maybe he'll be all potty trained before Belle. She still won't make any sort of offering to the porcelain god.