Thursday, September 11, 2008


I have a list of things to do today.

I've spent most of the day, driving my children to their places of education, and computer things.....I may have an addiction. Not to chauffeuring but to computer things.

OBVIOUSLY I can't hold myself accountable because I am a very good internal debater and can come up with many reasons why this is not a problem. So I will hold myself accountable to the dear readers on the interweb.

I will only blog, read or post on message boards, and email after the kids go to bed or I have ALL of my jobs done and have played at least TWO games with the kids.

Oh the pain! I can already feel the excuses welling up inside.

But I must be strong because my family needs clean laundry, you can't have grilled cheese sandwiches every night, the bathrooms need a fire hose taken to them, the weeds have formed a union in the back, I have 3 children who are way more fun than blogging, and a person should only be sitting down for so long if they are getting paid at an office job.


AmyPoll said...

You are a great mom...I wish I could be more like you sometimes!!! You seem so patient and great with the kids. Sometimes the computer is just simply "my" time and it is what I need at the moment...and that is okay.

Kade and Katie Longhurst said...

you kill me! your kids are lucky to have you! and good job on the bear lake tri! you did it! i truly can't remember the last time i did any form or exercise, well i sprint from the fridge to the couch quite often! i'll count it! love ya em!

Brianna said...

I share your same they have groups for people like us? ;)