Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Not something I want to see again.

I took Beckham to the dentist early this morning to get some sealants for his molars. They gave him a cocktail ( a combo of relaxing drugs) so that he would just be a noodle and not fight them.

After about 5 mins he started wobbling in his chair so I picked him up and held him. As he flopped his head back to look at me with glazed, drunken eyes, he started laughing in a slurred sort of your-blinking-eyelashes-are-hilarious way. By 10 mins after, anything he said was unrecognizable and he struggled to even make sounds.

They said he did fantastic and just laid there like a lump making their job very easy.

When I went back to the "recovery" room he was completely hazed over. I could tell he wanted to talk, but couldn't get his body to cooperate. I had to carry him to the car, holding his head so it didn't flop back.

He took it like a trooper and is now lamenting because I won't let him jump on the tramp just yet. You'd think he'd be tired of his brain swirling around, but no he'd also like to feel it jiggle against his skull.

The one thing he said as the medication was just on it's last leg was, "I just can't take this any more! I can't take anything any more today!" I'm assuming he meant lying down, but I can't be sure.

I hated seeing him like that. I hope I NEVER see that again especially if it's been brought on by something he has chosen to do to himself. That would be horrible. Not to mention I don't ever what to be the one to chose that for him either. I can't imagine having no control over your body.

Any guesses on what family night will be about on Monday?


cwilson said...

Hi Emile! I found your blog on the Mcgregors. I can't believe your baby is 1!!! We have a blog too...if you want to check it out it is mattandcarifamily.blogspot.com
Cari Wilson

AmyPoll said...

So sad...give that cutie a hug for me. It is so hard to watch your child go through something like that!!!

Chrissy said...

Poor Beckham, it's hard to have to lay down when you want to be active. When Jake cut his eyebrow open and had to get stiched up they gave him a shot of versed up his nose. That is a weird thing when your child is mentally checked out. On the way home he freaked out because he couldn't find his dad who was sitting right in front of him! Hope Beckham feels better. We totally want to go swimming with you guys, but now Jake has chicken pox! So we are in quarentine for the next week or so. Yuck!

April said...

Man, I wish I could have been there to watch him. It's good he didn't go bizerk when he was coming out of it. I remember trying to control a few of those kids. All is well, now.

Harestads said...

It's hard to see your little ones all passed out like that. We have only experienced this once and hope we don't have to again. It does, however, make for a few good laughs, eh?