Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We went to a local Taco Bell, or was it Taco Time...doesn't matter, last week. We were greeted with the information that they were currently out of chicken and steak, oh and tomatoes, but we were free to chose anything else from the menu. We made our choices, although a bit hard, I kept spying things that looked delicious only to realize they had chicken in them, and placed our order.

Luckily, we were the only ones there and easily found a prime location, if such a thing exists in a fast food joint. Keeping in mind that no one else has entered said establishment since we got there and we are practically right in front of the girl who took our order you will understand our confusion when the girl looks right at us and yells out, " 235." Then timidly follows it with,"Hey is this yours?"

"Um (quickly glancing around to make sure, yes, we were indeed STILL the only customers in there)...yes."

"Oh, good." said with such a sense of relief that I'm sure our faces were prime examples of utter disbelief.

During our meal, which you know didn't take long, they proceeded to run out of the remainder of their beef leaving only spicy chicken (which I thought they said they didn't have any chicken) and beans.

Good times.


Scott, Kara, and Dane Jorgensen said...

ha! That story made me laugh out loud!!!
P.s. I love that you are adding more pictures of your cute family!
p.p.s. I worked with a guy named Brady Cash, it think you know him! He said that you had a crush on him when you where around 15!

Emilie said...

Yup, I did have a crush on him *blush*. Were did you work?

Dave said...

Wow - where to begin? I can't help but feel the desire to tell everyone (well, here in the office) about these stories! I'm trying to understand the feeling of a nose throwing-up and whether or not the Taco Bell chica was joking or seriously that...innocent. :)
Happy Bday to the son with the healthy set of lungs and forgive me for not commenting in a good couple weeks. How incredibly funny!

lori said...

Were you in Ely?

Emilie said...

Dave - feel free to pass these stories along! Um...yea the Taco Bell chica was unfortunately very serious.

Lori - See we try and have a little bit of Ely here so that you don't feel too homesick when you visit....just thinking of you!

Harestads said...

Wow - sometimes don't you feel so lucky that you know you have a working brain somewhere up there? This gave me a much needed laugh today!!

Brianna said...

My family went to Arby's in Evanston one time and they were out of roast beef...yeah good times