Tuesday, June 17, 2008

late night visitor

Karaia came upstairs around 12:30 am last night in the usual way that kids come in at night. You know, when you wake up to a little face breathing on your eyeballs and you are just so glad your arms are tangled up in the covers so you don't accidentally whack them in the face because someone is in your room breathing on your previously asleep eyeballs?

"Mom, I thought my nose was bleeding. Then my nose felt like it was going to throw up. So I got up, went to the bathroom and wiped my nose.......it feels much better now."

I covered my laughter with a yawn.

(I didn't want to hurt her feelings. It's not every day your nose feels like it's going to throw up and I can only imagine what an unsettling feeling that is)

As I was taking her back to bed I congratulated her on her quick thinking and taking care of such a unique situation.

She agreed by telling me the whole ordeal step by step one last time.


lori said...

Sounds like a big party at your house! I'm glad Tennyson had a great birthday. It was fun reading all about him. Karaia and Beckham always say the funniest things. Thanks for the good laugh!

April said...

Honey, I'm so glad you are recording all of these priceless moments. When you gather together when your kids are grown you will be laughing for hours as you retell these stories. what a hoot!