Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sanders turns 5!

Oh, Sanders.

Your 5th birthday (March 2, 2014) was SO highly anticipated by you. I kept asking the day before if you were sad this was the last day you'd ever be 4. (Truthfully, it was because I was feeling a bit sad it was your last day ever to be 4). Each time you'd look at me like I was crazy and say, "NO!" You could not turn 5 fast enough.

Your birthday landed on a Sunday this year. Earlier in the week you suggested, "So....if your birthday is on a Sunday, you don't have to go to church!" You are really disliking having to go to church every week. Partly due to the fact that you have to change out of your pajamas (which you hate to do everyday anyway) and into church clothes. And partly due to the length of time sacrament meeting takes. I can't say I disagree with you on that one.

Your pre-school birthday balloon hat Mrs. Karen made you.

You wanted legos and you got them! You have been building, imagining, and building some more.

We had a family party for you that Sunday. You wanted a lego cake, but you made sure to let everyone know that even though the cake was green it was NOT a GREEN lego party. Just a lego party. It was not the finest cake I have ever made. In fact, every time I passed it, I laughed at how messy and sad it looked. But when YOU  saw it for the first time you gasped, got the biggest smile on your face, and ran to grab your siblings so you could show them the, "awesome Lego brick cake mom made!" Thanks for seeing past the imperfection to the love.

We had lots of people come. You are very loved. Nana and Pappa weren't there because they are in Nebraska this year, but we got to skype with them in the evening. Grandpa Jim wasn't there because he is working out of the country, but he got to skype with you too!

We had your friend birthday party on Saturday, March 8th. The theme? Legos! We had a free lego build,

played lego bingo

put together lego paper dolls (you LOVED this)

I can't get this to NOT be upside down. Weird. 

Opened presents (almost all legos and one very special picture of Sonja and you in a small frame) and had doughnuts for a treat.

Clearly you weren't happy about the candy AT ALL!

You can see the picture Sonja gave you on the stool in the background. We didn't get a picture of her standing next to you :(

We forgot to play the game Lego, Lego, Build that you made up. It's like duck, duck, goose. Our hearts were both sad when we realized that too late after the friends had left.

Other than that you had a wonderful time and were smiles the whole party through!

Sanders, you are so snuggly. Every morning your grab your froggy blanket and you climb into bed with me for a few quiet moments of hugs before the crazy of the morning seeps into our lives.

You like things YOUR way and often question why I should have ANY say in how you conduct yourself throughout the day. But when you decide YOUR way includes trying to be obedient, you have such a glow about you and you can't wait to tell me all the good choices you are making.

You hate changing out of your pajamas and leaving the house. You love preschool after you get there, but hate getting ready to go and leaving. We argue about this most preschool days and I worry for when you have to go to school every day.

You LOVE your siblings and will chase them half a block away in the mornings if they gave you no less than 5 hugs and kisses each. That goodbye time is important to you and you follow them around like a puppy in the mornings because you don't want to miss it.

You also love movies, t.v., and the computer game, Mine Craft. We argue a lot about how much time you'll get with those. You are convinced there is no good reason I should have all the control when it comes to the amount of time you get to enjoy those activities.

You complain about what we feed you most nights. Usually with a loud, "YUCK! I will NOT eat that."and some tears before you have even seen what is for dinner. Which gets you sent to your room until you feel like you can be grateful you have food to eat and you didn't have to prepare it. Your happiest meals are when we say, "It's cold cereal for dinner tonight." Karaia groans and you run around like a crazy person doing a happy dance.

You like to give me random hugs and kisses. I like them too.

You eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich almost every lunch.

You can read! And have been able to for about 4 months before you turned 5. You can read a lot of three letter words, but you don't like learning new words so you usually guess when I ask you to sound something out. You loved learning to read at first and now it feels too hard. We are working on making it fun together.

You tell us Dad is your favorite grown-up, but won't let anyone but me help you with most things. Even if I am the only one busy.

We love you so much and are so happy you are part of our hearts!

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