Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In a magazine? It's ok. You're second!

Sanders and I are quite the team these days. Everyone else is in full time school and while he'll lament, "I am behind everyone!", he gets a lot of perks for being the only one vying for my attention that I really don't feel too bad for him. 

But, after today, maybe I need to step up my game. 

We were walking into Joann's to see if we could find the magazine that had an article about me in it (I KNOW!!! More on that in a second). I told him I needed to hold his hand in the parking lot, but he was welcome to let go when we got to the side walk.

"Plus," I added, "I know you like me a little bit."

 (side note: I was being totally sarcastic because normally he won't let anyone BUT me do things with him. A serious mama's boy...or so I thought)

"Okay. You are my second favorite adult."

"Second? Who's your first?"

"Dad! It goes in a pattern Dad, you, Dad, you. "


When Kevin got home from work today, armed with the knowledge of the above story, he asked,

"Hey, Sanders, who's your favorite adult?"


"Who's your second favorite?"

"Mom!" Looks over at me as if he's just given me the greatest gift EVER.

"Who's your third favorite?"

"Sonja's mom! Well, actually my third favorite is Sonja's dad. *sigh* I've never seen Sonja's dad."

"Okay then...what about the grandmas?"

"OH! Actually, Nana is my fir...," looks at Kevin as if he's torn, "Okay, see there is a boy first and a girl first. Dad is the first boy and Nana is the first girl."

"Hey!" I shouted. " I don't even make it as your first favorite girl adult?!?!?"

"Mooom," he said soothingly, like someone trying to sell some really bad news by pretending it's awesome,  "you are riiiiight next to Nana! You're second!!!!"


Good thing the magazine thing has me on a high today.

That's me! In an actual magazine you can buy at a store. A store other people go to and might buy it and bring it into their homes. SO weird and cool! I bought mine at Barnes and Noble, but, as I mentioned, I headed on over to Joann's to see if the magazine was available in a more main stream quilting location. 

It totally was!

The Quilter Magazine published an article about my journey and Modern Yardage in their Feb/Mar 2014 issue. It ended up being THREE pages. 

Hold on a sec while I pick my jaw up off the floor.

It also features some projects I have sewn as well as some sewn by my Sister-in-law Danica
 (My projects are the skirt --worn by Karaia in this picture--- and the faux cathedral window pillow. Danica sewed the tea towels and the table runner)
It's true you can't win them all, but I am sure grateful for the balance in the universe today!


Tobi said...

Love! Love! Love this!

Megs said...

It's really just crazy cool! So proud of you my big dreamin' sister!

April Weeks said...

You can be stinking proud of yourself! I know we all are! I gotta go get that magazine now and keep it forever!

Ellis said...

WOW and here I thought I was going to make the cut....Brad will be so delighted :D I love that cute boy!