Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mr. T is 6

Tennyson turned six today!

He has been so excited.

I felt really bad though because I ordered his presents online, well in advance I thought, but by the time they shipped everything told me they wouldn't get here until Tuesday.

I explained the situation to Tennyson and he was so understanding. I told him I'd make him a super big breakfast of whatever he wanted. Eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon, toast, and Orange juice was the order. Done and Done.

I kept asking him if he was really going to be ok with no presents to open on his special day. He kept telling me yes and wanted to know why I kept asking him. SUCH a great kid!

So we stuffed him for breakfast and then got to working on installing the slide on the deck. I know I am painfully behind on updates, but taking a break from blogging was a necessary insanity saver. I'm learning my boundaries and that I don't have do do everything. Anyway, the slide. And since It was his birthday, Tennyson didn't have to do any chores today. AND because mom was feeling super guilty about no presents and being so busy on such a special day he got to play as much wii as he could even imagine in the morning.

But the magical part was during all of the this Tennyson's presents arrived!!!!!!!!!! But he didn't know it and the slide was only hanging on by a few bolts and couldn't be left at the moment so we had to wait to tell him. 

We stopped working on deck stuff around 1:30 and took everyone out to Tennyson's restaurant of choice, Chuck o' Rama. (we still didn't have time for presents yet) Everyone makes fun of that place, but we love it. The kids don't have to wait to be served and the is something everyone likes.

At 3:00 we went over to Kevin's parents home to help put back together a playhouse that had been blown over in the big wind storm a year ago. We worked until about 6 and then headed to an Elder's Quorum BBQ. We stayed until 9 and then headed home.

I wish I would have had a camera in my eyes when we told Tennyson his presents had come. Pure joy!

Tennyson is such a bounce back kid. He sure has his emotional, irrational, moments, but when it really matters he is so good to see the big picture and go with the flow. His eyes and smile and giggle kill me. He is so kind to his siblings and rarely selfish. He is an excellent reader now and I love, love, LOVE his inventor's brain. He comes up with the best ideas!

I am so lucky I get to be his mom!


April Weeks said...

We sure love our "T" GO T!

Lawson Family said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun present!