Friday, June 15, 2012

Tennyson turns 5!

Watson, our new laptop---Kevin wanted to call it Lappy, but clearly Watson is a superior name for a laptop *wink*---is fighting with the SD card that holds all the memories of the day. Of course I could walk down stairs and use Lucy ---our desk top computer--- but I had already crawled into bed and I just really want to share my feeling about my Mr. T. The pictures will have to wait.

Tennyson is a problem solver. He doesn't like being told, no or can't, so he often will offer different solutions to the problem. Not in a bratty way, but in a, "Hey what about this?" kind of a way. He is also a dreamer and starts many conversations with, "Mom, wouldn't it be cool if....."

He's been sleeping in lately! Mostly because we are on a summer schedule and have been getting the kids to bed later. Yesterday night, as we were celebrating his last night of ever being 4,OK he was celebrating, I was finding it kind of hard to swallow, he said he didn't want to sleep in anymore because when he does Kevin has already left for work and he misses giving him a hug everyday before he leaves. We tried to reassure him that Dad would come in a hug him on his birthday if he was still asleep, but it must have been worried about it AND excited for his big day because he woke up at 6:00am.

He wanted eggs for breakfast. I told him absolutely! Right after I came back from working out. He wasn't super happy about that answer, but I think he knew it was coming.

We spent the day getting ready for the big family party. We were celebrating Tennyson, Grandpa Jim, and Aliyah's birthdays. We love having so much family around!

Kevin mowed a track in the lawn and I spray painted the yellow divider lines on it. The pictures will really help with the visuals. We had the track run right through the car wash Kevin made with pvc pipe. The weather was pleasant for those of us not getting wet although it was a bit chilly for the ultimate enjoyment of the car wash. Aliyah brought her Dora friends and they cheered everyone on along the track. The kids loved it!

Tennyson was spoiled and he loved everything he got. Thank you everyone!

Tennyson has felt so grown up to me lately. He started riding a two wheeler in May (I KNOW where is the blog post for that one?). He fills me with a lot of joy and I find he is very good company.

He absolutely MUST be just. like. Beckham and likes to differ his opinion or choice until he knows how Beckham feels about it or what Beckham chooses.

His giggle is infectious. I can't get enough of it!

LOVES Sanders!

Tennyson is a great kid. I can't wait to see how he changes the world!

I love my little/big 5 year old. Happy Birthday Mr. T!!!


Ellis said...

You are the first person I have ever met with names for their computers...SO FUNNY!!

Loved the post and Laurana was SUPER happy to spend some special time with her special friend on his birthday. I am hoping that you have a photo of them eating dinner together since we may need it for a wedding video someday if Laurana's wishes come true ;-)

Tobi said...

I can't wait to see the pictures! What a cute idea to have a car wash!