Monday, June 11, 2012

Sanders' Green Party

Sanders LOVES the color green. He doesn't particularly care what exactly something is, but if it is green it's his new favorite! So when I asked him what kind of birthday party he guessed it. GREEN!

On March 24 we had three cute friends come over plus Sanders specifically invited Tennyson as well. Cute little guy. We decorated green cupcakes and had green plates and cups and utensils.

He does have greener shirts than this, but he was perhaps feeling like he needed to stand out from the decorations that day. Funny guy!

The other passion of Sanders' is trains. We played pin the funnel on the train. Nana was demonstrating the mechanics of the whole thing to the party goers :)

Here is his cute friend Sonja.

His friend and cousin, Evan.

And his little buddy, Beck.

Then we went outside and blew bubbles.

LOVE this picture!

We love our Evan so much! He wanted to watch from a distance and first, but don't you worry, he came down to join the fun later!

Beck would try SO hard to blow, but he just kept giving the bubble wand raspberries. Too cute!

This is the best picture! That's Beck's big brother, Bradley in the background. Ha! I believe he and Tennyson had just started a rousing game of sword play with the bubble sticks :)

They are such good buddies!

It was a great, super simple, party. But that's what I loved about it. The kids had fun and I think that's what matters. Happy Green Party Sanders!

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jlvance said...

That really is the best picture! I love it! I gathered my family around tonight to show them - we all got a very good laugh! That's our Bradley.

Fun party Em! I love that our boys are close!