Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Did you know?


Anyone still here?

I'm lame with the blog writing this year. I think about it every day, but I don't even sweep my kitchen floor everyday (don't judge) let alone keep up with journaling my life. It should be a priority however.

Right now I am struggling defining the proper priorities. OBVIOUSLY.

What? You're not surprised?

I have a revelation the other day in the shower. That is seriously the only alone thinking time I get. Or at 1:00 am...hence the post. I feel the reason I haven't been posting as much is because I am such an open person. Hang with me. It will all make sense in a second. See, there are a LOT of really, really exciting things happening in my life. But many of them I can't talk about here because they are business related and therefore should not be broadcast publicly until they actually come to fruition. That makes blogging really, really, REALLY hard for me!

Of course I hear your objections, "Just blog without mentioning all the business-y stuff!"

The answer? That's hard! It effects so much. And I hate...HATE doing teaser blogs about some mysterious thing happening because I want to document the day it actually happened but I can't really spill the beans because nothing has actually happened yet. WHEW! I've done it before and I just don't like it. I'll share it with you in person...I just can't on the ol' blog.

But then there are the things that I do with my cute kids. Did you know that we took three family trips in a 6 week period recently. No? Well we did. And we had amazing times in D.C., Colorado, and Disneyland.

Did you know that if you ask Sanders if he loves you he will say, "Yeah...a lil' bit."

No? Well he does and it's darling.

Did you know that when Tennyson plays soccer he extends his arms to the side and flaps them up and down like a bird...completely forgetting he should be chasing a ball? OR on the rare occasion that he remembers he has an actual goal he will take those extended arms and extend them to the back to give him an extra boost of speed like a super hero cape?

No? Well it's hilarious and frustrating all wrapped up in one.

Did you know that out of the blue an amazing company contacted Kevin and offered him an amazing job?  It's true. It happened. Still feels like a dream.

Did you know that Beckham played a piece in his piano recital that his piano teacher confided in me was more challenging than her older students can play and that people would be shocked to learn he is only 7? There were many tears learning that piece, but come performance time he ROCKED it! I swear that was the most nerve wracking 4 and a half minutes of my life!!!

Did you that Karaia told me that lime green finger nail polish was a perfectly acceptable color for a mother to wear on her fingers nails? I took her advice and sported some killer nails to church :)She's very honest so I know I can trust her. She pointed out that I have a bit of bump on the bridge of my nose yesterday. I told her thanks for letting me know and that that was a very impolite observation so try and keep such comments to only me. I can take it :) she may be a bit too honest *wink*

See, it's all those things and more that I am missing out on documenting because I feel like I can't share my WHOLE life. That's messed up right there is what that is!

Missing out on your own life. Isn't that the saddest thing you've ever heard?

Something inside me has to change. Maybe it already has....


Mary said...

Wow, you certainly have had a lot going on! Thanks for catching us up. :)

And good luck with the, you know, other stuff. ;)

Brianna said...

I myself feel as if my own blog has gotten superficial and kinda fluffy, because I too feel as if there is a lot of personal feelings to keep to myself. I also consider myself an open person, but some times even open people have to keep a lid on it for one reason or another. :-)

P.S.- I second the good luck on all the other stuff. ;)

Lawson Family said...

I love little snippets like that! It shows so much with so little words! You'll find your balance and get back to the ol' blog because we are suffering too! And you don't want to see me suffer.

It's not pretty. :0)