Wednesday, August 11, 2010

one of those

We can't find Karaia's hearing aid....again.

I ended up taking Sanders with me (refer to previous post) to Karaia's audiologist appointment---sans hearing aid.

I also can't find Tennyson's flip flops.

The logical thing to do is cry.

And I did.

I love my kids. I do.

Some days being a mom is harder than others....especially when missing flip flops make you cry.


Jackie said...

You are so darling!!! Those lucky kids!
And oh-my-goodness, that picture of the kiddies, SO GREAT! I can't believe that little stinker Sanders. Must be the name.
Cute kids, cute family, wonderful mother!!!

Chrissy said...

It's days like those when I lock my children downstairs in the toy room, throw down some fruit snacks and sippy cups and then lock myself in the bathroom for a bubble bath... :)

Brianna said...

They say "no use crying over spilled milk", but I beg to differ... sometimes that's exactly what you need to do!

Hang in there, and remember... girls night out... STAT!

Tobi said...

Come over. Lets cry together.