Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It doesn't seem that long.

Kevin and I achieved a major milestone last week.

On August 24, 2010 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary!!!

Logically, I realized it's been 10 years. That is 1/3 of my life. A long time...comparatively.

Emotionally, I feel as though we may as well be planning the wedding. Obviously we have kids and a mortgage to bring me back to reality, but marrying your best friend helps things glide along quickly, even over rocky terrain.

To commemorate this momentous occasion we are going to Europe in a week and a half. London and Paris! To say we are excited would be the understatement of the year.

We have been planning this trip for close to 2 years and can hardly believe it is just around the corner.

To keep us occupied until our "official" anniversary celebration we went Go Karting on our actual anniversary.

It. was. Awesome.

A little scary, but mostly awesome.

Kevin beat everyone and I was only 17 one hundredth of a second behind him coming in 5th out of 12.

 (For the record, Kevin does not like this picture of him. I think he looks sweet.)

It wouldn't have matter what we did that day. We always have fun with each other. That's one of the many reasons I married him.

Here's to at least 10 more years!


Chrissy said...

Tell Kevin that is indeed a "sweet" picture of him! :) Go Karting, now that is romantic! Love it. I can't wait to hear all about your amazing trip. Congratulations on completing your first decade of marriage in style!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!!

Tobi said...

Happy Anniversary (late...sorry!). You look absolutely beautiful in those pics. Love looks good on you! Have a great trip!

Danica said...

Happy Anniversary! We love having you in our family. Has it really been that long?....

Lawson Family said...

10 years is a HUGE milestones! I'm glad you were able to have a moment to yourselves! Happy 10th!

Colle said...

Happy Anniversary!! Your trip is getting so close!

Brianna said...

Congrats on the milestone, and I know your trip tp Europe will be well worth the wait!

mae said...


What a way to celebrate! Have fun in Europe!

Greg & Lyndi Daly said...

Congrats guys!!! Have fun in Europe! Em, you look great!!!

Megs said...

at least ten years? Please, it's more like at least 50 more years! Happy anniversary!