Thursday, December 31, 2009

And then there was light!

When this house was built, it was the "in" thing not to put any lights in the ceiling. I guess everyone was really digging lamps.

This is SO not my favorite thing. Since moving in we have added canned lights to our living room and had plans for the dining room. In November it FINALLY happened. Well, we started in October, but it was completed in November.

I cannot express my joy over not having to live in darkness another winter. Before, when we would have dinner we only had two canned lights over the fireplace to light up our dinner. We just pretended that we were eating in a restaurant every night. You know, mood lighting. Still, it was getting old.

Notice the lack of lighting in the middle of the room and the cute boy standing underneath no lighting.

First things first. Got to have a hole for the light to go in.

Kevin helped a friend in our ward with the canned lights and felt confident enough to tackle the dining room on his own. It proved to be a bit harder than expected. Mostly because we wanted to put the canned lights over the fireplace on a different circuit than the new dining room light. Also, we wanted to be able to turn the light on from two different switches. One by the laundry room


(going from 3 switches to 4)

and one by the sliding glass door.

(going from 2 switches to 3)

The other obstacle is that we had recently had blown insulation put into the attic. That stuff is messy!

Almost done!!!

But after most of the day, and NO swear words later, he did it!

He did such a wonderful job. I love that he is willing to learn new skills to save us some money and to improve our lives. Thank you Kevin!



Megs said...

Looks great! Way to go Kevin! Love the chandelier too!

April said...

Wonderful! what a difference light makes. happy happy

Lawson Family said...

Ooo! I'm so jealous! Some day we will move out of the darnkness in our living room and not rely on the light from the kitchen. It looks great!

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen looks great, Em! We've been "working" on ours for 6 years now. In the meantime we've remodeled almost every other room in the house, but I'd really love for my kitchen to be done. Someday. I will never ever by a fixer upper again. Ever.

I was exhausted just reading about your December! I'm glad you survived. Way to be on top of life and happy birthday to everyone!

Anonymous said...

buy. I meant buy. The exhausted delirium is taking over. . . :)

AmyPoll said...

Love the really finishes the room. I love how it has all come together...the colors, drapes, lighting, did a great job!!!

Kris said...

Love the light, Em!!! and "WHO'S THE MAN?" WAY TO GO KEV!!! Mike and I are way proud of you and your handy electrical work! Emmm, I am sooooo sorry I didn't know when your birthday was! I will now never forget it and write it down in my new 2010 calendar!! I love you oodles!!!!!!

Kris xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

Brianna said...

Really nice... good job Kevin!

Marge said...

I saw a blog update on fb, I hope you don't mind me checking it and making comments regularly. I just wanted to say I love the color in your dinning room. It is beautiful!