Thursday, October 29, 2009

7 months, well almost 8

(Technically this is Sanders' 6 month shot, but I just love the picture so much!)

I really should wait and post a 7 and 8 month post all in one, but I have this weird thing about me that I feel the need to post in order. Basically, that means an 8 month post is, hopefully, just a few days away.

Sanders turned 7 months on Oct. 2. It has gone by so fast. I know every mother says that, but it still remains true.

He is a happy little guy.

At 7 months he had two teeth and could sit up really well. He had FINALLY figured out the whole eating thing and is now a champ. He does prefer the sweet tastes to the veggies, but we just have a bowl of each and alternate.

Sanders adores his siblings and loves for them to play with him. They are very good and looking out for him and have thrilled at watching him learn new things.

A few weeks ago he started clapping. Consequently, he now keeps a beat with his little chubby hands whenever he gets a chance.

No signing yet, but he is communicating more. My guess is it will be a few more months. He is not crawling, but prefers to roll where ever he desires nearly break his little arm off every time he goes from his back to his belly.

His eyes are decidedly hazel. Some days more brown, sometimes more blue or green, but always a mixture of the three.

Most people tell me he is Beckham Jr. but there are those who think he looks just like Karaia. Obviously, Tennyson is in his own category.

We love our Sanders!


Lawson Family said...

What a cute little guy! I'm sad I don't get to know his little personality better. I would agree that he is a mix of Karaia and Bekcham.

Chrissy said...

That is picture in the green shirt. He is a heartbreaker Em! I love how he smiles with his whole head! :) It really does seem that time has gone fast with him, it seems like it was only yesterday he was a tiny newborn.

Mary said...

What cute pictures! He seems like a really fun little guy. :)

April said...

He is a sweetheart! I still think his eyes are changing, I want to put it on the record that I think they are going to be brown. I hope I hope...