Monday, August 17, 2009

And then there was one.....

.......actually, there were three left over, but we are counting our blessings that the littlest two were not numbered among the troops.

To fully appreciate what I mean we need to start before the beginning. Stay with me now. I promise it will make sense.

Kevin had been gone all week in Texas for work. The kids and I were surviving but anxious to have him come on Friday, August 7 because that's when our family vacation to Bear Lake was scheduled to start.

In the Early hours on Friday, 1 AM to be exact, Karaia woke up with a stomach ache which promptly turned into a stomach that felt just fine considering she had thrown-up all over the carpet. Sigh.

For the next five hours the poor thing battled nausea, diarrhea, and thirst. Finally around 6 am she felt fine enough to sleep. I, however, was not allowed that luxury. The second Karaia's eyes closed Tennyson's and Sanders' eyes opened. The day had began. Sleep or no sleep, it was time to be a mom for the day.

I kept a close eye on Karaia the rest of the day. After all, today was Friday. Kevin was coming home, we were supposed to head up to the Lake today, AND if anyone needed a vacation I did! Two hours before Kevin's flight landed I made the decision that Karaia was on the mend and could indeed make the trip. That was the decision of all decisions.......

Karaia was fine, tired, but fine. Everyone else was fine, tired, but fine. Shortly after Kevin returned home from his two weeks away on business (with a short trip home during the weekend) we packed up the van anxious to reconnect as a family and relax.

Saturday proved to be too cold to go out boating or even outside. All of the Daly side was able to come. So the 17 of us stayed inside enjoying each others company and the beauty of our surrounding from the cozy warm couches.

By Saturday night everyone was not fine. Beckham and Tennyson had started throwing up. Kevin and I spent much of the night helping them through the worst of it and trying to explain to Tennyson why he couldn't have a drink.

Sunday came. Beckham was better. Tennyson was still throwing up now and then.

Sunday night came. Tennyson had stopped throwing up but was very tired. Beckham was fine and eating rice crispy treats. We felt that everyone was OK enough for family pictures. We completely captured Tennyson's mood. Priceless.

Monday brought the first good weather. Most of the family headed down for the beach, boating, and sunbathing. I stayed behind with Mr. T who still seemed to be struggling to get over the illness. By the afternoon he had perked up enough and I thought a day in the sand was just what he need to get the rest of the way there.

Kevin and I were in charge of dinner Monday night and everything was cooking slower than planned. Meanwhile, the boat had decided to come home because, that's right, Belle had thrown-up. Shortly followed by McKinley.

I was overwhelmed by guilt. What had I done! I had no idea we had brought a bug with us!

Then I heard it. A sound I had grown to, unfortunately, know well. But where was it coming from? The basement? Upstairs? OH no! BOTH!

People started throwing- up at the same. exact. time. From that point the troops started dropping like flies. Within a half hour of everyone being home we had 7, count them, SEVEN people throwing-up. Those of us that remained, Me, Greg, Landon, Candace, and Jim (not counting the babies Sanders, and Aliyah thank goodness!) moved into hyper mode. First, I had a little melt down because I felt SO horrible at what we had caused. I had no way of knowing but seriously, seven out of seventeen people. Put yourself in my shoes. It was awful. The rest of the night was spent running up and down the three levels, cleaning bathrooms, and emptying bowls.

The one tender spot of this experience was being surrounded by the power of the priesthood. I was humbled and grateful for such wonderful men in my and my children's lives. The first blessings came when Beckham and Tennyson where sick. Monday night, nearly everyone received a blessing. There is no way to deny the truthfulness of the Gospel when you are in the room for 9 blessings withing two days. It was a very sacred experience for me.

Tuesday morning brought with it health for most. Everyone felt better, but tired. My kids were feeling MUCH better and had way, WAY, too much energy for all of the newly recovered. Time to head to the beach.

We had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect, the water was not too cold, and the kids loved every second of it. Just what we needed.

Everyone had a lot more energy upon our return home and we settled in for an uneventful night.

10:30 pm rolled around and I knew my night would be less than boring. I felt it coming. After 4 nights of taking care of people, and little sleep, my body could no longer fight off whatever it was we were fighting. Once again, a sleepless night.

Wednesday everyone but me was feeling great and, once again, headed for the beach and boating while I tried to rejoin the land of the living.

Thursday it was time to clean up and go home. But we weren't done yet. Candace woke up that morning and threw-up.

Thus bringing the total to 14 out of the 17 people in our family experiencing a painful, yet memorable, family vacation.

The whole seven days I was there I never got to set foot in the boat. There just wasn't any time.

It is funny now, sort of.

At least we will always remember, "that one time at Bear Lake when everyone......"

I think I would be OK if this is the ONLY memory like that.


Danica said...

I love the way you captured our trip. You are a great story teller. Let's never do that trip ever again.

Kade and Katie said...

OH MY GOSH!! i can't believe that, how awful. you're to cute to not be forgiven by the fam. and seriously, how do you really know when you have "the bug" or not with four little kids around? so glad everyone is doing better.

Tobi said...

What an awful trip! I'm totally impressed you found good things to say about it. What an optimist!

Brianna said...

I'm still shocked you all stayed. I would have lasted longer than Nate, but that is only like an hour so that's not hard. ;)