Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Overheard by Beckham's mother:

"Karaia, I had a dream last night about a Rockiosaurus. It's called a rockiosaurus because it breaks rocks and sauruses. And they bite people and they are robots. So I roared at them. And they said roar back so I lifted them up on my cold blanket and they turned into people. That's what they do.

And they do what other people do. They smoke and they do cha cha cha cha (imagine karate sounds). Well, that's all rockiosauruses do. Oh, and they ride scary rides like the Tidal Wave"

Karaia, "And?"

"And the spooken house"

In a horse wisper, Karaia corrected "HAUNTED house"

"Right, haunted house"


April said...

this is SO great that you are getting this down. What a hoot!

Lawson Family said...

That's so great that Karaia even responded back to him! That was a very long explantion and I can see many a childrens' eyes getting lost and confused!

Lawson Family said...
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Bianca said...

Oh this is hilarious! And even more funny because I can picture Brady doing the exact same thing...only to me, because he doesn't have an older sister. And it really drives me nuts, but now I can see how incredibly funny it actually is. I used to think that it was just in his nature to talk a lot, but now I realize it's just an age thing!

I'm still laughing....'rockiosaurus'-ha!

Teresa said...

Our WHOLE family thought this was hilarious!