Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hit by bricks

The door bell rang. We answered the door to find our son, the middle child, on the front porch.

"Karaia is crying."

"Why is she crying?"

"Because she got hit by some bricks." said as if this is a normal everyday occurrence.

"What?!" Random pictures of bricks flying through the air causing great gaping, bleeding, wounds in the middle of foreheads start flashing in my brain. " How did she get hit by bricks?!"

"She turned too fast by the wall and the bricks hit her."

Translation: She turned the corner too fast and ran into a brick wall

So refreshing to hear a classic mishap with a bit of a twist from an imaginative 3 year old.


Chrissy said...

That is awesome, not that she got hurt but the discription makes me giggle. Plus I'm glad to know mine isn't the only child who runs in to walls....
Earlier tonight Evie saw me with her binkie and said, "Mom, catch that to me!" Don't you love watching kids learn language skills?

Colle said...

That is hilarious. Obviously not the running into the wall but that the wall ran into her. Cute Cute!

Denise said...

You really never have a dull moment. It brings back memories and always makes me smile! Is Kariah OK?

Emilie said...

Oh, I guess I forgot that part of the story due to the laughter! Karaia is fine, she scraped her toe pretty good, but she now understands why we have the rule "always wear shoes when you are riding your bike".

I guess sometimes a little blood is the best teacher :)

Lawson Family said...

That is a classic! Blame the stationary object for "running" into you! Very creative!