Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More info?

The Today Show did a follow up show on their BPA in bottles.

They pretty much told people that they really don't know what the results of exposure to BPA is. They don't really know if there is a safe way to wash them in a dishwasher or heat them in the microwave. There hasn't been enough time. Fair enough.

The Dr did say, "If I had to ere on the side of caution, now intuitively as a mom I'm speaking, if you have an option, don't use those, use others."

For me all this means is that for my kids I will try and avoid using plastics that contain BPA and I will be purchasing new baby bottles, but I'm not too concerned with the water bottles Kevin and I use. If anything I'll just start washing those by hand.

I think the message here is use the most caution with your children since we don't know what the effects are, and just be aware that there is a possibility of a problem out there so be smart on how you use the 3, 6, and 7 plastics.

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