Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hot stock tip

My little family is quickly increasing the price of stock in Band-aids all by ourselves. So hurry and call your stock brokers.

Karaia's legs look as if she has been in a recent battle with a thorn lined baseball bat and lost. Not to mention her fingers, elbows, hands, arms, and nearly any place clothing (summer clothing) does not cover. Her biking skills keep improving but so does her dare-devilness.

Beckham tripped today and had a run in with a very grumpy tree branch. There was a bit of skin still on the gouge that needed to come off, but all he wanted was a band aid. I calmly explained to him the skin needed to come off first. HE informed me that I would NOT be touching his wound, but that he really, really, REALLY wanted me to call Nurse Meghan (my sister who happens to be a nurse) to come and fix him.

"I just want Nurse Meghan!!!! WAAAAAAA!!!!! Don't touch it!!!! Call Nurse Meghan!!!"

I finally distracted him enough to get it off myself, but he still wanted to call Nurse Meghan and inform her that his Mother, of all people, actually tried to perform obvious medical procedures that require years of training. She tried to stand up for me, but I'm pretty sure I'm still on his black list and that my medical malpractice hearing has already been scheduled.


Jay and Jillian said...

since when did our children suddenly think that we, their mothers, are no longer able to cure every scrape, scratch and owie that happens to them? Maybe that is what comes of having siblings in the medical field... At least we are "magic" in other areas! Maybe y'all should just put bandaids all over and then you'd be covered for the future. Well, Karaia and Beckham probably like the idea. good luck!!

Colle said...

I forget about Bandaids when Easton gets hurt. I guess maybe I should send you ours.

Anonymous said...

Hamburger legs!!! That's what my parents called me when I was little. Grace has never been one of my sweet skills.

Kim Madsen said...


That blog entry was so funny! You really have a gift for telling a story. I love reading your adventures in motherhood. Wonderful stuff.


Aunt Kim

Harestads said...

This is so great!! My children HAVE to consult my husband for all medical needs before letting me touch them. Sometimes we have to call him at work, and if it looks at all like I might do a shady job, they insist that dad do it when he gets home. Even if that means bleeding for a few more hours 'til dad gets home.

AmyPoll said...

Julianna got a sliver on Sunday and she wouldn't even let her "nurse" aunt touch it...she took the tweezers from us and went over into the corner and started "digging" for it herself...about 5 minutes later, she had the sliver out and was so proud of herself. She also proudly proclaimed that she is a doctor. I just love kids mentality when it comes to cuts, scrapes, slivers, and "owies" in general!!!