Friday, August 24, 2012

12 for 12

Kevin brought me 12 roses today. The occasion? One for each year of marriage.

Have I mentioned I kind of like him?

There is no one better suited for me. He believes in me. He pushes me to be better. He's a great dad to our children. He works hard and never makes me feel bad about what I do or do not get done around the house. And the do not sadly out weighs the do.

I told you. He's a keeper!

We went out to dinner at a restaurant called Park Stone and the saw the movie Premium Rush. We did the real celebrating at the Zermont Resort last week.

I'm a pretty lucky girl to get to spend all this one on one time with my best friend!

Happy 12 years!!


Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Ellis said...

Congrats!!! Cute Photo of the two of you!