Monday, March 30, 2009

The first day

Tomorrow is the first day of my new life as sole day time provider to four. Up until now I have had scheduled help in some form or another. Usually the "form" has been Kevin or my mom.

But not tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Kevin goes back to work and mom is in Colorado with my sister.

I hope everyone survives.

Please warn me if you plan on visiting. I will have to rush around throwing stuff in closets so you can find the floor to walk on I'm sure.

Then again, maybe I'll be Super Mom and have all my laundry, dishes and dinner done as well as some new crafty thing I spontaneously decided to to with the kids included with photos documenting my crafty-multitasking-ness and my ability to do it all and with a smile.

Sheesh. I'm a bit snarky tonight aren't I.

I guess I've been reading too many "perfect life" blogs tonight.

On a less snarky note here are some photos from an impromptu photo shoot.
*note to self* photographing the two youngest ankle bitters results in AWESOME photos.


Bianca said...

Good luck today (tomorrow?)! You look great, by the way. And your ankle biters are adorable too.

Lawson Family said...

yes, good luck! That first day is always a little nerve racking! I'm sure you'll be just fine! I thought I saw a hint of Karaia in one of Sander's picutres.

Colle said...

Those pictures are so cute. You have some cute little boys. Good luck with everything today!!!

Brianna said...

If anyone can do it, you can.

P.S.- Who needs a real dinner and a clean house anyway? Kids love grilled cheese and playing in piles of laundry.

Emilie said...

If that's all it takes, then we are well on our way to the perfect day.

Kade and Katie said...

sooo cute! i can't wait to meet this little guy! how is it going? please tell me four is a piece of cake (you are totally allowed to lie, i'm alittle emotional these days, please lie if you have to). you are super mom i know it! i love to hear your updates. hope to see you all sometime soon. love ya!

Emilie said...

Katie - I will tell you this, I got a shower in, one load of laundry done, and I haven't cried once...yet.

So, I'm calling this one a win.

Tobi said...

If I can pull it off so far with no major injuries I know you are going to do great!

But call me if you need to cry, because I probably do too!

April said...

Those pictures are precious! Pretty darn good for an amature (sp)photographer. I'm home now...