Tuesday, December 2, 2008


You know how Christmas is fun? I personally subscribe to that exact way of thinking.

However, when it comes to my kids, I get all tense and scroog-ie about how much potential mess the fun could cause. When did I become this person?

I LOVED decorating the tree growing up and putting up all the other decorations. I try to let the kids help. I really do. But inside my organs are twisting up because I keep visualizing broken shards of glass and things to clean up. And I find myself biting my tongue (and in some cases not doing such a hot job of it either) to keep myself from completely controlling their every move. I'm really displeased with this aspect of my personality.

I have thought much on this today and have decided that if something breaks....who cares. We will clean it up and never speak of it again. It's not as important as the memories. Kids will be kids and that includes messes....I think it's in the hand book they don't give you. You know the one, Instruction manual on how to raise a child

Sounds good right?

That's what the perfect mom would say.

Words are nothing. Lets see if I can get my actions to prove my change of heart.

Wish me luck!


jillian said...

jay is the same way. that is why we have a kids(little) tree and daddy's tree. they decorate their tree however they want with unbreakable stuff and jay does the other, and they see who gets done first... with all stuff staying on.:)

emmadugal said...

I had this nightmare once that I had to completely decorate my house for Christmas and take down the decorations EVERY DAY FOR ONE WHOLE MONTH! It was horrible.

April said...

You are a "perfect" mom. You keep trying perfectly to be your very best. I thought you were a great combination of control, patience, and fun yesterday with the village set up.

Emilie said...

Mom, I'm glad you said that because I really was struggling NOT to control their every move. Good to know no one else could see my inner fight.

Emma, that would be awful!

Jillian - So, who won this year?

Brianna said...

I struggle with this when it comes to time. I find myself constantly rushing my girls, myself, and our activities. Sometimes I can catch myself in the act and say "got something better to do?" Most the time I don't, but I always feel bad when I don't catch myself and rush through important learning experiences. At least you've caught yourself, that's half the battle.